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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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unloading is within city guidelines of noise on the street and stuff like that. i wanted to see what the guidelines for that were. other comments from commissioners? >> yes, i have a question. your llp is for the contained space, not for the courtyard; correct? >> i am not sure. >> it's for indoors. llp is an indoor permit. it's not? >> it was. >> but they can have windows open to a patio for brunch? >> so initially the llp was something that was created and was limited to indoor space only. and the very recent charges to 1060 and 1070 included the ability for that llp to reach to a courtyard space as well. but the commission has allotted
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as far as the llp's to make whatever conditions you feel are necessary based on the situation. >> so do you want to use it outside on your patio as well? >> in an ideal world, yes. >> do you fear at all it will aggravate your current issues with your neighbors? >> it's tough to say, we are on a busy street. initially before we were open, we thought to apply for a full entertainment license. and we had a sound person come out from this commission to measure. and they were not able to take a sound reading at our gerry street fence or railing, whatever you want to call it. and the reason for that because the traffic was too loud. and this was around 8 o'clock at night. so you know -- i think in the context of what we do, generally
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it's not a raucous dance party, it's generally a corporate event. and the music is there to provide a background. in the context of what we do, i don't know it will necessarily be huge -- i don't know that will put the neighbors out because again gerry is extremely loud. >> commissioner hyde. >> yes, i have a question about that then. so why did you come here originally then? it was noise complaints correct from neighbors. >> no, we came to apply for a permit. >> okay, but it was restricted because of the noise complaints from the neighbors about sound, is that correct? >> it really was their request for such a limitation as i recall. these limitations came from the applicant themselves. because they had the intention
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to activate the space in a really limited way. >> that's right. >> (inaudible). >> talk into the microphone. >> we wanted to prove to the commissioners that we were doing the right steps, six months ago by how many complaints we had, if any. and if we did it properly over the next six month and readdress you. >> yeah, i was having trouble remembering. >> yeah, and to give you context, to recall this is a very unique space in san francisco, we don't have too many spaces with roof-top decks, and a lot of square footage of jones is indoor-outdoor, if pu-- if you will. it's a roof-top deck, there is inside business serving meals. >> we do a lot. >> and service outside too.
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it's a unique space without amplified sound there is quite a bit of activity outdoors. adding this piece of entertainment, initially there was a lot of discussion is it inside. can you contain it, and can you not add to the den of people eating and drinking, and the buildings from this roof top go higher than the roof top itself. so you can again given the circumstance right now sort of consider the consequence of giving them further allowances with this permit inside and outside. and/or outside or outside during certain times and dates and inside other than that. be creative about what i think you are about to do. and you might find the right balance. >> thank you for clarifying that. >> commissioner joseph.
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>> so how would it affect your business if in fact we decided you could have your limited life to 10 p.m. inside, but outside your db's would be lower. and maybe your limited live wouldn't go to 10 p.m. maybe it would go to 9 p.m. or 8 p.m. would that impair what you are trying to do? >> no, it would help things, because right now that is not what is happening. anything that happens that helps with hours and days of operation obviously would help. >> are you open seven days a week? >> we are open six days a week. we are closed on monday and open for brunch on sundays from 11-4. tuesday through saturday we are open for dinner service. >> brunch on sunday. 11-4, and then open sunday night
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as well? >> no. >> you are not open on sunday night. >> we do not plan to open on sunday night.
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>> and i want things changed. we hope we have zero complaints but obviously in trial there's problems. i don't even have any letters of support. saying that it's been working. i'm just questioning >> we went out and got a few letters for people to testify at our initial he and she. i mean we've lived in san francisco for a long time. i think that not having a single complaint with running your business in san francisco is like walking across the san francisco bay. it's one of those thing. we have a pretty active
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neighborhood outreach. we have a forum and then unanimous forum on our we are talking about english is the second language. an unanimous form that people can go and fill out and give us feedback of their issues. we - anytime anyone comes to complain we have a policy of handing out jordan's phone number and he's i mean, i would give mine out i'm not there at night only g until 6 or 7 but he's there all week. anyone who has any issues has it's cell phone and they can call him >> i guess we'll wait for public comment. >> i'll take one more comment
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from commissioner hiding and one from commissioner. i'm just wondering can do i want? do i want to use this outside that if i can that is that is something you want to do. i'm wondering about your saturdays do - >> we're not a dj bar or dance place this is exclusive for corporate events and a for us to close on saturday night we have to have something in the realm of an important event. >> i was just wondering like without outside sound on a saturday night you want to use that until 10:00 p.m.
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>> anything would be great so if you guys went out and said you'd do sound. >> it's not like you have a lunch thing. >> we do have dinner service and serve food until midnight during the weeks but we don't do entertainment on a regular basis and don't plan to. >> i absolutely understand i want to come up with some hours for myself. >> okay commissioner and some public comment. >> i want to address the noise outside our facility. i know it's part of the regular noise in general but you have the power to address our vendors to be more sensitive to the neighborhood. could is it be part of our
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policy to instruct the vendors to keep the noise down like sliding doors or whatever could that be part of our policy to talk to your vendors to be as quiet as possible >> absolutely. we do that do that the times we run up against problems in some instances that's not our vendor so they say you're not signing our checks and they keep doing what they do. our staff is instructed to make sure that our clients are as respectful and wes we can make them. we try to get things loaded during hours >> thank you you guys can have a seat as we take public comment. >> i have a question not for them. >> go ahead. >> for inspector edward's were
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were you able to do a assigned test? >> i ran ought to do a sound test but not able to do it this weekend yet. >> let's hear public comment. if someone's o anyone's re radio willing to speak up about 620 jones. >> i live on turkish. i believe in making sure that when someone comes in front of the - one of my community like district 678 and even go to cbc board meetings and attend other
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ones also to keep up on what is going on in the neighborhood. things may be done on trials but i think during the period of 6 months you can attend i know at the police department they have meetings even last tuesday of the month and you can attend 6 meetings and say what, you know, hey, i'm a neighborhood i'm here to support people because i know they've come to my meetings so at 620 concoction i ask who are you. so i ask you to continue it for another six months so they can have a 6 month trial to attend
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some community meetings. so like i say knock and the door will not be opened or denied. thanks please come up to the microphone >> commissioners i live in the 6 hundred block of jones street and since 1989 i've seen the neighborhood go through many changes and the newest change from the bar is a blight to the neighborhood. i'm here to talk about what i counted 8 apartment buildings and 8 hotels that are probably going to the effect by the 620 zone bar and their noise. since they opened i dread weekends. for me it's not a time to relax
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it's a that time there's noise and fights and there's a time when it is cars screeching and loud music on say street and thank god i traffic for my work because some of the times there's been music i've been away. and people have been effected negatively by that. i happen to be away you during the gay pride. i have spoken to the hotel california which is adjacent to their patio and they have to install the expense of the 620 street venue. there's another person who just moved and their lives have been effected.
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i don't want to say his name's. i had a run-in with myself on the street and was intimidated by him and talking about the noise complaints and this was nothing that was done. so i don't believe - i'm here to oppose is extension of their music venue permit. this was with my home i would invite you to cover to the apartment of the girl on the sixth floor who has brain cancer and spend a weekend in her or my place interest thank you >> thank you. any other public comment that is please come to the podium.
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>> i'm the director for the alliance of district 6. my organization would like to ask for a continuous because the applicant has not tenant any community meetings. i think you've heard that, you know, we have many community meetings in the area that the applicant could attend and i'm hearing we're going to come up with some mitigating realty of how to give them a permit and they haven't come to the community. normally we'd ask a project of this size or this kind what is our security plan that is how are you going to mitigate our noise and i'm hearing from this one neighbor how do you deal
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with your neighborhood complaints and mitigate them? the more i listen the more i become seeing that, you know, this is not the right way to give a permit out if the applicant has not done any outreach. that was one of the policies that i thought this commission had to encourage outreach and particularly incidence, you know, they've been operating for six months yes, but it's important they need to do the outreach and let people know what they're about to do. so, anyway i did appreciate the help if they had get a permit today they don't get anything past 10:00 p.m. so far as noise on say outside closer to 9 or
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8 o'clock. the neighbors need to get their sleep. thank you, thank you >> thank you. any additional public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. oh, actually, i'm so new to this any police comments >> can i just make a note this is for a limited live this is not a full on permit in case anyone is confused and a they've already been gotten the permit. >> this is changing the conditions on the permit. >> and they've done the community outreach; is that correct. >> hi i was asked to speak about the cab reports and all of you have reports.
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looking at this there were 22 cabs that came to the address and very few of them were tied to the jones restaurants and club. looking through here and maybe the applicant will - i went over the different can be reports some of them were times they were saying they didn't have finest during that time so if they want to explain that. that area whether it's very busy on gary and jones and sometimes, i noticed being out there there's a lot of noise from the different clubs. so looking at the different cabs. one was on may 11th at the 6:00 p.m. jones restaurants was setting up for for live
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entertainment they wanted to check on a permit and saw they did have a permit. however, that's somebody looking to see do they have a permit. that's different than a noise complaint on may 14th at the 929 loud music from jones restaurants please ask for volume to be turned down and they wanted it turned down. i don't know if it's the incident they said they weren't operating that night. i believe they have the dates. there was another noise complaint on july 12th at the 409. looks like an event is being set up outside and their you testing the sound system needed to quiet them down.
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the response from the officer appears normal at this time and the owner has a permit until 11:00 p.m. tonight and then talked about a battery on june 30th at the 943. this was regarded somebody who was kicked out for urinating in the back area. we'd rather have them call than not. this is not something that will be counted against somebody. and then let's see july 14th at 1 o'clock in the morning a male was assault a security guard and they hung on the him and they didn't want anything done. i will say that there has been
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especially 67 months ago we got a lot of e-mails and concern. i got less and i've forwarded those to the entertainment commission. the outreach so far as with the community if i have a we are talking about you can post unanimously if they have an issue or phone number. we want the business to be able to get along with the residents that's why we're all here. we have a concern so far as the noise is it going to distributor the neighbors and if we can put a limit on it. if it's not that's fantastic that's what we're looking at for. so with the music being outside, you know, big difference between 1 o'clock in the afternoon or on a sunday night.
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the area is pretty loud so even without entertainment being there it's a loud block. if we can put safeguards in there to make sure that the residents are not disturbed. we had a couple of those incidents neighbors not able to sleep we're going to do something about it. thank you. and any comments or questions for the police officer >> any public comment. >> i'd like to make a motion it's complicated but i'd like to move to approve a change in the
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conditions of their live permit to 620 jones to 10:00 p.m. inside tuesday through saturday. outdoor for sunday brunch 11 to 4 at ambien which ron is going to have to determine is there sound limit outside for the sunday brunch and outside for friday and saturday at 60 d b. >> which hours on friday and a saturday? >> until 9. >> did everyone get that? >> one clarification to the
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motion relative to the d vs and the sound test and i request if that the staff - direct staff to deny that. >> let me restate that for the sunday brunch outside from 114 at ambient or 68 d b. >> wherever is higher or lower. >> lower. >> what about the street. >> well. >> let me finish and friday and a saturday outside until 9:00 p.m. at 8 points below ambient highway is that. >> what does of the street. >> berry? jones.
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>> commissioner. >> yes. >> do we need a second before going on. >> we need a second in order to discuss the motion. >> i'll second it. >> i'm uncomfortable at this point to give them anything i'd like to continue it to let inspector got out and do some sound checks specifically at the lorain's apartment. >> ii understand the interpretation, however, i think we should allow them to try it on sundays from 11 to 4 and see how it works before we extend it to the friday and saturdays. because i think like the latter we get in the evening and i know friday and saturday nights are popular nights but i'd like to see i mean, there's 710 so many
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people who live around there. there's also noise complaints. i don't think this is going to be that big have a problem but try it 11 to 4 friday and a saturday outside and then - 10:00 p.m. inside tuesday through saturday and outside 11 to 4 and i'd like to very invite friday and saturday based on how sundays go >> they serve food outside they are not going to be using the patio outside in the rain and to have it 8 points below ambient is really having background music for dining and we've loud venues 8 point above ambient i'm
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doing 8 points below ambient so let's say it's 68 it's music to dining. they're only trying to do this for corporate events i don't understand the trepidation if it ends at 9 o'clock and none of this goes in effect until after the sound levels >> i would say that came from all the complaints. there were a lot of complaints about noise just on the patio. i agree it's not a lot of the noise in my estimation is street noise but i think that many of
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it enough to get complaints that was brought to us, you know, a lot of complaints at 620 jones. i think we need to proceed with caution. i'm not saying eventually it won't work but it will gain trust for the venue and when we decide to go on friday and a saturday we'll have a lot less push back. that will be the best way to proceed >> how many time would have to precede before they come back for friday and saturday. >> can we say number of events? >> no i don't think their outside - i mean this is the end of august it's going to rain in 60 or 75 days. >> last year, it didn't


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